16 May 2021

Heresy with Adz 2nd Birthday 15.05.2021

If you joined in with last nights Heresy birthday celebrations, I hope you enjoyed it. If you missed it (or can’t remember it!), you can now download the podcast and listen at your leisure.

We had the ususal features. #HeresysQuantumLeap with Noise Unit. Siouxsie and the Banshees were the stars in #SoundtrackSoundbites and The Cure took a joyride #OnTheFlipseide


Virgin Prunes – Walls Of Jericho
Curse Mackey ft Clan Of Xymox – Submerge
Demonix – Perv
Chrome Corpse – Cortex Pulverizer
Sapphira Vee – Greed (Blue Ant Mix)
Siouxsie And The Banshees – Spellbound
Terminal Kiss – Skin II
The Damning Well – Awakening
Kirlian Camera – The 8th President
Sawtooth – Crawling Towards The Light
The Cure – Halo
The Wildhearts – Soundog Babylon
Coloursound – Paradise (Free People)
Vazum – Haunted House
Sisters Of Mercy – Floorshow
Clan Of Xymox – Brave New World
Bara Hari – Ugly On The Inside
Bellhead – Knife (Felix Miklik Mix)
Death Cult – Christians
Noise Unit – Struktur
Noise Unit – Body Aktif
How To Destroy Angels – Fur Lined
Joy Division – Something Must Break

You can catch Heresy every Saturday at 10pm on mmhradio.co.uk