28 June 2020

Heresy With Adz 27.06.2020

If you missed the latest Heresy, the podcast is now available to download and listen to

This weeks Quantum Leap was Gary Numan whilst Skinny Puppy were the subject of Soundtrack Soundbites.

Wayne Hussey and Julianne Regan – You’ll Never Walk Alone
Varicella – New Born Slave
Inkubus Sukkubus – Amongst The Stone Angels
Fields Of The Nephilim – For Her Light (Two)
Corpus Delicti – Twilight
Bauhaus – Terror Couple Kill Colonel
Still Patient? – The Ghost Of Tides
Filter – Thoughts And Prayers
Caroline Blind – Heaven
Skinny Puppy – Hardset Head
Cinthya Hussey – Every Day Is Like Sunday
Virgin Prunes – Pagan Love Song
The Cult – Spiritwalker
Echo And The Bunnymen – Pictures On My Wall
The Faces Of Sarah – Breathe
Pink Turns Blue – Walking On Both Sides
Sisters Of Mercy – Anaconda
Combichrist – California Uber Alles
Gary Numan – Metal
Gary Numan – When The World Comes Apart
Xmal Deutschland – Polarlicht
Sometime The Wolf. – Ashes
Demon Machine – World Of Dust
Sonsombre – Lights Out
Cruxshadows – Marilyn My Bitterness