27 June 2021

Heresy with Adz 26.06.2021

If you missed last nights Heresy, as every Sunday, the podcast is now available to download.

This week saw the return of our usual features. #HeresysQuantumLeap with The Human League. Siouxsie took a joyride #OnTheFlipside and the stars of #SoundtrackSoundbites was with Curve


Garbage – The Men Who Ruled The World
Ariel Maniki And The Black Halos – Strangers
Then Comes Silence – When You’re Gone
Heartlay – Through The Dark
Bellhead – Dead Letter
Curve – Hell Above Water
Black Angel – Turn Around
Terminal Kiss – Here It Comes
Unitcode:Machine – Fight
A Cloud Of Ravens – A New Atonement (Chris Vrenna Mix)
Clustersun – Juggernaut
Siouxsie – Swansway
Richard Wølf – Seeking
Leathers – Reckless
Lucia Cifarelli – To Be Alive
Shiv-R – Spark
Sex Gang Children – Death Mask Mussolini (Mouth of Hell Mix by MGT)
Batavia – Azafran
The Joy Thieves – American Parasite
The Human League – Being Boiled
The Human League – Shameless
In Absentia – we Are Glass
Derision Cult – Worlds Collide
Alia Synesthesia – Eternal Merch Girl

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