20 December 2020

Heresy with Adz 19.12.2020

Last nights Heresy was the last one before Christmas – so if you’ve missed it, grab yourself an early gift and download it now!

Heresy’s Quantum Leap was with Cubanate whilst Pop Will Eat Itself were the stars of Soundtrack Soundbites

Chant – Primetime Annihilation
Front Line Assembly – Unknown
Imperative Reaction – Like Swine
Pop Will Eat Itself – Beaver Patrol
Featured with I Ya Toyah – We The People
Lake Of Tears – At The Destination
Nilbog – Lost Mankind
cEvin Key with Edward Ka-Spel – Night Flower
Princess Goes The Butterfly Museum – Cruel World
Witch Of The Vale – Commemorate
Deliverance – Last Days
Cinthya Hussey – My Heart Is A Ghost Town
Beauty In Chaos with Kat Leon – Stranger (Cruel World)
Cubanate – Body Burn
Cubanate – Kolossus
Alien Sex Fiend – Stuff The Turkey
Caroline Blind – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
All About Eve – Last Christmas
Type O Negative – Red Water (Christmas Mourning)
Al Jourgensen with MGT – It’s Always Christmas Time
Ramones – Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight)
London After Midnight – The Christmas Song
PIG – Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
The Mission – White Christmas
The Metal Gurus – Merry Xmas Everybody

I’ll be back on Boxing Day – 10pm (GMT) playing some of my favourite releases of 2020