20 September 2020

Heresy with Adz 19.09.2020 The Sisters Of Mercy / The Mission Special

Did you miss the latest Heresy? If you’re a fan of The Sisters Of Mercy and The Mission, then you’re going to want to download/listen to the podcast.

Two hours dedicated both The Sisters and The Mission with a sprinkling of other works by various members of the bands.

Soundtrack Soundbites this week was with Tim Bricheno’s Tin Star


The Sisters Of Mercy – Dominion/Mother Russia
The Mission – Beyond The Pale
The Sisters Of Mercy – First and Last and Always
Ghost Dance – A Deeper Blue
The Mission – Tyranny Of Secrets
Tin Star – Head
All About Eve – December
The Mission – Serpents Kiss
I Nation – Deep Blue
The Sisters Of Mercy – We Are The Same, Susanne
The Mission – Tomorrow Never Knows
The Sisters Of Mercy – Emma
Diamond Black – If You Kill My Demons
The Mission – Like A Child Again
The Sisters Of Mercy – More
Simon Hinkler – Diceman
The Mission – Evangeline
MGT – All The Broken Things (Die Krupps Mix)
The Sisters Of Mercy – 1959
Beauty In Chaos ft Wayne Hussey – The Delicate Balance Of All Things
The Sisters Of Mercy – Valentine
The Mission – Wasteland
ReMission International – TOS2020

Bedding music (1st hour) from the 1986 movie The Mission composed by Ennio Morricone
Bedding music (2nd hour) from the 1972 movie Sisters composed by Bernard Hermann

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