20 June 2021

Heresy with Adz 19.06.2021 Euro 2020 Special

If you missed last nights Euro 2020 special of Heresy, The podcast is now available to download.

We featured a track by an artist from each of the 24 nations competing in this years competition.


The Foreign Resort – Breaking Apart (Denmark)
Burning Gates – Before The Rain (Italy)
Closterkeller – Purple (Poland)
XIII Stoleti – Nosferatu Is Dead (Czech Republic)
Chris Connelly and Monica Queen – A Rain Soaked Idyll (Scotland)
Vaselyne – Allright (Netherlands)
The Guests – Dance Of Death (Russia)
Phantom Vision – No Limits (Portugal)
The Beauty Of Gemina – Rumours (Switzerland)
Gene Loves Jezebel – Desire (Wales)
Phantasmagoria – Someday (Croatia)
The Last Days Of Jesus – Poison Thoughts, Poison Hands (Slovakia)
Rammstein – Puppe (Germany)
Naughty Zombies – She’s A Vamp (Spain)
Fusnota – Graveyards (The Warning) (North Macedonia)
Gentle Ropes – Cold (Ukraine)
Corpus Delicti – Broken (France)
Allerseelen – Untergangster (Austria)
Grave Pleasures – Violence Of Night (Finland)
Retrograth – Hostage Or Host (Sweden)
She Past Away – Insanlar (Turkey)
The Breath Of Life – She Wore A Crown (Belgium)
F.O. System – Ne Félj (Hungary)
The Mission – Another Fall From Grace (England)

and we closed with a bonus track by the Sisters of Mercy as last Friday marked 36 years since Wayne Hussey and Craig Adams played their last Sisters show.

The Sisters Of Mercy – Knocking On Heavens Door (Live at Royal Albert Hall 18.06.1985)

Who was the winner? Music is always the winner, so download and listen at your leisure