21 February 2022

Heresy with Adz 19.02.2022

The podcast of last Saturday’s Heresy is now available for you to download and listen to at you leisure.


Dead Lights – Doom Doom Trash
Massive Ego – Fake Star
Imjudas – People Of The Blame (Canned Anger)
Shhadows ft Reiya – Daze Gone
Bellhead – Nothing As It Seems (Dean Garcia Mix)
Depeche Mode – I Feel You (Throb Mix)
Beauty In Chaos ft Betsy Martin – Grasp The Stars
The Human Element – Omissions Of A Liar
Greystone Sisters – The Veil
Ava Vox – Alone Again
Alien Sex Fiend – The Gurl At The End Of My Gun
Deathline International – Life Isn’t Real
The Blue Hour – What I Say (MaGenTa remix by The Joy Thieves)
Brotherhood – Breakdown
The Neuro Farm – Midnight Massacre
Rhombus – The Longest Day
Westenra – First Light
Je T’aime – Unleashed
Skynd – Elisa Lam
Skynd – Chris Watts
Vvmpyre ft Caitlin Stokes – Offering
Metamorph – Love In The Wreckage


You can catch Heresy every Saturday at 10pm (GMT)