19 September 2021

Heresy with Adz 18.09.2021

The podcast of last nights Heresy is now available to download, so if you missed the show, or just fancied listening again, now you can.

#HeresysQuantumLeap was with Cocksure. Panic Pries starred in #SoundtrackSoundbites and Siouxsie and the Banshees took a joyride #OnTheFlipside


The March Violets – London’s Drowning
Sine – Desolate District (Meat Beat Manifesto Dub Mix)
Deine Lakaien – Nightfall
Self Titled Album – Needle In Vain (The Barbary Ghost Mix)
Children On Stun – Echoes
Panic Priest – Nighthunter
I’m Your Stalker – The Last Dance
New Model Army – Christian Militia
Ground Nero – The Furnace
Painted Romans – Momento Mori
The Joy Thieves – Nemesis
Siouxsie And The Banshees – Eve White / Eve Black
Zero Corporation – Not My Time
Auger – Oxygen
The Cult – 83rd Dream
The Rasmus ft Apocalyptica – Venomous Moon
Christian Death – Damn You
The Ending Nights – A Landscape To Die
NFD – Got Left Behind
Cocksure – Drug-A-Bug
Cocksure – Viral F.U.
Night Ritual – Like A Ghost (Shad Shadows Mix)
The Awakening – Into The Machine (Pts 1+2)
Dave Gahan – Nothing Else Matters

You can catch Heresy every Saturday at 10pm (BST)