16 August 2020

Heresy with Adz 15.08.2020

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This week we had an hour dedicated to the late Howie Beno and the new charity single by ReMission International. Plus Heresy’s Quantum Leap with Rosetta Stone and Soundtrack Soundbites was ChristianDeath.

The 69 Eyes ft Wednesday 13, Calico Cooper and Dani Filth – The Last House On The Left
Ashes Fallen – We Belong Nowhere
Collide with Android Lust – Are You Listening
Christian Death – Deathwish
Fields Of The Nephilim – Wail Of Summer
The Flatfield – Dancer
ReMission International – TOS2020
La Grazia Obliqua – Scared
Chants Of Maldoror – Justine
KMFDM – Murder My Heart
Ashba – Hypnotic
Rosetta Stone – Cimmerian
Rosetta Stone – In Black

Howie Beno Hour:
13mg – Uppercut
The Joy Thieves – This Will Kill That (Treuhand Mix)
Ministry – Psalm 69
Skrew – Picaso Trigger
Mary’s Window – Muse
Prude – Sniper (Loose Lips Mix)
Testify – A.N.G.E.R. Straight (U.S.)
Sister Soleil – Love Song
Depeche Mode – Sooth My Soul (Black Asteroid Mix)
Monster Voodoo Machine – Fetal Position
Chemlab – Chemical Halo (Drag Strip Download Mix)

Bedding music was Brooklyn Heights Pt1 composed by Howard Shore from the Scorsese directed Gangs Of New York

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