16 January 2022

Heresy with Adz 15.01.2022

If you missed last nights Heresy, you can now download the podcast and listen to it at your leisure.

All our usual features made a welcome return, with The Joy Thieves on #HeresysQuantumLeap. Miranda Sex Garden starred in #SoundtrackSoundbites and The Merry Thoughts took a joyride #OnTheFlipisde


Tool – Schism
The Sea At Midnight – Oceans
Josie Pace – Storm and Stress
Rosetta Stone – Subterfuge
Then Comes Silence – I Gave You Everything
Miranda Sex Garden – Peep Show
Revolution Above Disorder – Scream Quietly
Pailhead – Man Should Surrender
Luscious Apparatus – Infiltrate
Bellhead – Nothing As It Seems (Stabbing Westward Mix)
The Merry Thoughts – Black Day
Matt Hart – Decimate
Sacred Hearts – Vices
Ash Code – All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
Christian Death – Quicksand
The Twilight Sad – Throw Yourself In Water Again
1919 – The Satellite Man
The Joy Thieves – Honeycomb and Silk
The Joy Thieves – Valley Of Pistols
Cut Like This – The Boogieman
Null Cell – South-O Sleaze
Rabbit Junk – Pathogenesis
James Ray and the Performance – Johnny Goodbye

You can catch Heresy every Saturday night at 10pm (GMT)