14 November 2021

Heresy With Adz 13.11.2021

The podcast of last nights show is now available, so if you missed it, or just fancy listening again – click the link and enjoy.

Alexa Vega starred in #SoundtrackSoundbites. The Glove took a joyride #OnTheFlipside, whilst #HeresysQuantumLeap was with Traitrs.


Skatenigs – Beers Steers & Queers (Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness Mix)
IMJUDAS – Ritual
Helix – Bad Dream
RNZR – Celebrity Slave
Alexa Vega – Infected
Vexillary – The Descent
DHI (Death and Horror Inc) – The Idiot Parade (Virulent)
Elektrosekt – Your Sex
In Absentia – Misery
Normoria – Touch Me
The Glove – Mouth To Mouth
FleischKrieg – Saunting Eyes
Ashley Bad – Deadly
Josie Pace – Underestimated
Sex Gang Children – Death Mask Mussolini (Militia Babe Mix by Kitty Lectro)
Black Rose Burning – Gravity Drive
Bara Hari – Artificial
Harry Stafford & Marco Butcher – Horror Film House
Traitrs – Burnt Offerings
Traitrs – Ghost And The Storm
Shadow Project – Lord Of The Flies
Ghost Dance – Falling Down
RedwingBlackbird – Space Bridge

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