13 September 2020

Heresy with Adz 12.09.2020

Missed last nights Heresy – you can now catch the podcast

The Sisterhood – Giving Ground
Priest – Beacon Of Light
Sometime The Wolf. – Dancing With Her Shadow
Wisborg – The Sick Rose
Rosetta Stone – Nothing
Calling All Astronauts – Divided States Of America
Ministry – What About Us?
Be My Enemy – All That I Love, I Destroy
Chaos Bleak – Regrets Are For Yesterday
Analogue Blood – Insomnia
Sounds Like Winter – Sticks And Stones
PXPRS ft Nikki Thomas – Coup De Grace
Bellhead – Sidewinder
Killing Joke – Love Like Blood
Gorillaz ft Robert Smith – Strange Timez
Scarlet’s Remains – Wholesale Murder
Powerman 5000 – Movie Blood
Specimen – The Beauty Of Poisin
Specimen – Demons Are A Ghouls Best Friend
Johnathan|Christian ft Marianne Holland – Every Day it Rains
Marilyn Manson – Solve Coagula
Pig – Situation (Purity Mix)
Covenant – I Close My Eyes

Bedding – Theme from World Trade Center (2006) Composed by Craig Armstrong

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