13 March 2022

Heresy with Adz 12.03.2022

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Sounds Like Winter – No Interest
Holy Wars – 21st Century Bitch
I Ya Toyah – Pray For Me (Stabbing Westward Mix)
Sequential Zero – Adjusting Expectations
Christian Death – Beautiful
12 Rounds – Something’s Burning
Sea Lungs – Piss Up A Rope
Delusions Of Madness – Dust
James Ray And The Lowriders – Crippled And Weightless
Westenra – Devil Woman
Velvet Acid Christ – Pill Box
Brigitte Handley – Daylight…
Blazerjacket feat Dirty Bird 13 – Get Out
Matt Hart – Absolute Zero
Waijdan – Rip Them Apart
Josie Pace – Future
Who Saw Her Die? – Self Destruct
Eric Oberto – Closer Than Ever Before
Dead Souls Rising – Netherworld
Dead Souls Rising – Jungle Betty
Zero Corporation – Divided
Inkubus Sukkubus – Heart Of Lilith
Billy Howerdel – Poison Flowers



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