03 October 2021

Heresy with Adz 02.10.2021

If you missed last night’s Heresy – you can now listen to the podcast.

This week, Nitzer Ebb starred in #SoundtrackSoundbites. #HeresysQuantumLeap was with Curve and Sex Gang Children took a joyride #OnTheFlipside


The Band That Drips Blood – Lucretia My Reflection
Zeromancer – Transparency
Morgan King – Beautiful Miserable
Eva X – Machine (Grendel Mix)
Sapphira Vee ft Jim Semonik – The Heart Wants (The Joy Thieves Mix)
Nitzer Ebb – Kick It
Left Spine Down – The Fall
Modal Citizan – Beyond
The Danse Society – If I Were Jesus
Party Day – Row The Boat Ashore
October Noir – Reverence (Make You Love)
Sex Gang Children – Dieche
The Gothsicles – Red Panda Jamboree (Funkervogt Mix)
GoMa – Fighted
Psychosomatik – Carnal Pleasure (Blue Ant Mix)
Hostile Architect – Measure Twice
Spankthenun – Off Beatings (Eva X Mix)
Not My God – In Service Of The Wolf
PIG – Seed OF Evil (Die Krupps Mix)
Jensen – Infector
Curve – Wish You Dead
Curve – Nice N Easy
Mildreda – Inner Judgement
Massive Ego – You Will Comply

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