03 April 2022

Heresy with Adz 02.04.2022

If you missed Heresy last night, or just fancy listening again, the podcast is now alive

Beauty In Chaos featured in #HeresysQuantumLeap. Skeletal Family took a joyride #OnTheFlipside and H3llb3nt starred in #SoundtrackSoundbites


Sean Grant And The Wolfgang – (Montreal) Watch Me Bending
The Paper Road – If You Should Fall
Placebo – Forever Chemicals
Lifeline International – Come Together
Suburban Spell – Fools and Clowns
H3llb3nt – 3 Murders, 3 Nights
Clan Of Xymox – Save Our Souls
Gothzilla – Insect
Nairod Yarg – The Beast In Me
Oliver Marson – Manipulator
VR Sex – Snake Water
Skeletal Family – Just A Friend
Autopsy Club – The Oracle
Dread Risks – Trace Amounts
Killing Joke – Total
Vazum – Thief
pMad – Broken
Muse – Compliance
Black Nail Cabaret – La Petite Mort
Beauty In Chaos ft Wayne Hussey and Simon Gallup – Man Of Faith
Beauty In Chaos ft Whitney Tai – Orion ft Whitney Tai
The Webb – Dead Cities (Love Song)
I Ya Toyah – Vast Spaces (The Joy Thieves Remix)



You can catch Heresy every Saturday at 10pm (BST)