15 May 2022

Heresy FiXT Corner Invasion with Ben Jekyll

Adz decided to take a week off.

It`s about time, he has been hard at it for nearly 3 years!

So he let Ben Jekyll in for some daft reason.

What did Ben Jekyll do? He chose to expand his FiXT corner from 20 minutes to the whole show.

See what awesome stuff FiXT have kicking about on their roster with tunes from

Celldweller – last night on earth (FreqGen Remix)
Megahit – late night boss fight
Foxhunt – skullduggery
Ray Gun Hero – i am android
Essenger – divine virus
Inexedra – quasar
Ian Snow – tektronik
Zith – neoteric
Voicians – we won`t ever be there
Nouveau Arcade – summer is over (Fury Weekend Remix)
Everything Must Go x KJ Sawka x Alex Rival – dying breath feat Super Square
Fury Weekend – dance killer feat Robin Adams (Monflame Remix)
HighSociety – rip my heart out Feat Skyler Coco
Scandroid – neo tokyo (Dance With The Dead Remix)
The Anix – black space (deconstructed)
LeBrock – takes all night
Void Chapter – target acquired feat Megan McDuffee
Soul Extract – solid state (Kaixo Remix)
Nitroverts – what`s going on?
Fight The Fade – buried (Kaixo Remix)
Circle Of Dust – demoralize (Rabbit Junk Remix)
Cantervice – void
Becko X Prymus – faceless
Daedric – wretched
Kaixo – it`s over feat Fight The Fade

Adz will be back with Heresy next Saturday from 10pm UK time.

Ben Jekyll will be back next Saturday hosting his usual show, Dancing With The Dead from 8pm UK time.