29 December 2019

Heresy – DJ Adz 28.12.19

Podcast now available of the last proper* Heresy of 2019

Listen now as Adz took a look back at some releases of 2019 in the world of goth / industrial / darkwave etc

*We say proper as Heresy will be back on New Years Eve for 1 one hour special at midday and again midnight with a party mix

This playlist:

Sonsombre – A Dance By The Graves
Black Needle Noise ft Yvette Winkler – Gone
Front Line Assembly – Tilt
Blutengel – Vampire
Children On Stun – Echoes
Priest – Obey
Skynd – Jim Jones
Killing Eve – Killing Eve
Rosetta Stone – Tomorrow For Us
FyreSky – Carpe Noctem
Beauty In Chaos ft Ashton Nyte – Finding Beauty In Chaos (Fall & Sway Mix)
Dee Madden and Jess Abel – The Great Thaw
Ashes Fallen – Failure Was The Cure
3Teeth – Exxxit
Audra – Fireflies
I Ya Toyah – Puppet (Adoration Destroyed Mix)
Mephisto Walz – The Lost And The Haunted
KMFDM – Paradise
Discipline Theory – Afraid
A Projection – Something Whole
Caroline Blind – God Damn The Sun
Die Krupps – Vision 2020 Vision
Unitcode:Machine – Survive
Rome Burns – Captain’s Song