19 April 2020

Heresy – DJ Adz 18.04.2020

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Two hours of goth / post punk / industrial etc featuring new releases and old classics


The Cure – Burn
Jim Davies – Trigger Finger
All Gone Dead – NewSpeak (Room 101)
She Hates Emotions – See The Light
Perpacity – Burn
Skeletal Family – Promised Land
The Joy Thieves – The Badlander
I Nation – In This Moment
Louise Patricia Crane – Snake Oil
Elitefitrea – Dissolution
The Darkstar Calling – To Lose Something You Never Had (Dark-O-Matic Mix)
The Birthday Massacre – Crush
Wayne Hussey – Saints And Martyrs (Dance On Glass)
Deliverance – Word Made Flesh
Spectral Eyes – Killers
Auger – My Death
Specimen – Tell Tail
Varicella – The Land Of Rape And Honey
The Room In The Wood – Under The Waterfall
Fearing – Catacombs
Herrschaft – The Great Fire
Spankthenun – Virus (90’s Hip Hop Version)
Krebs – The Far Away
Radio Scarlet – Romance And Stigmata
Alien Sex Fiend – Now I’m Feeling Zombified