15 December 2019

Heresy – DJ Adz 14.12.19

Podcast now available of the latest Heresy

Two hours of goth / industrial / post punk etc


Aesthetic Perfection – Love Like Lies
Beauty In Chaos ft Wayne Hussey – The Delicate Balance Of All Things
New Model Army – Vagabonds
Christian Death – Peek A Boo
Fotocrime – Head On
Deathline International – Breaking (John Fryer Mix)
Skeletal Family – Hands On The Clock
Nyxx – Diabolical
Rome Burns – A Plague On Both Houses
Lyronian – Crisis
Vazum – In Night
The Teardrop Explodes – Reward
Rosetta Stone – Leave Me For Dead
Toyah – Sensational
Mary And The Ram – Eclipse
They Called Him Zone – I Want Love
Die Robot – 10,000 Years
Lucifer’s Aid – Victims
Grave Pleasures – Be My Hiroshima
Morgan King ft Lene Lovich – Retrospective
The Long Losts – To Be Like Lily
Dispel – Modal Consequence
Children On Stun – Cats Or Devils Eyes
Grooving In Green – Warning Signs
Xentrifuge – Circles Of Dust
Adam & The Ants – Physical (You’re So)