12 January 2020

Heresy – DJ Adz 11.01.2020

Listen to the podcast of the latest Heresy with DJ Adz, two hours of goth / industrial / deathrock / darkwave / post punk etc


Fields Of The Nephilim – Moonchild
White Collar Sideshow – Bring Out Your Dead
Leaether Strip – You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)
Beauty In Chaos ft Wayne Hussey – The Delicate Balance Of All Things
Uninvited Guest – The Devils Toybox
Killing Eve – Killing Eve
The Wraith – Wing Of Night
Jokerbats Band – Bad Magic Girls
Dispel – Temptation
Emilie Autumn – Bohemian Rhapsody
Tears For The Dying – Monachopsis
Stabbing Westward – Cold
Mono Inc. – Louder Than Hell
Circle Burn – Malebolge
La Grazia Oblique – Genealogy
Fatigue – The Middle Class
Cinema Strange – Greensward Grey
Acid Horse – No Name No Slogan (Hypo Luxa/Hemes Pan 12″ Mix)
Christian Death – Sleepwalk
Walt Disco – Dancing Shoes
Night Nail – Republican Marriage
Depressive Disorder – My World Is On Fire
Sad Lovers And Giants – Beauty Is Truth
Hatari – klámstrákur
Naurea – Vertigo Inside