11 August 2019

Heresy – DJ Adz 10.08.19

PODCAST now available for this weeks show.

Two hours of of goth and industrial with crunching guitars, stomping beats, haunting vocals, this week we have solo projects, side projects, main projects, collaborations.

Don’t forget to tune in next Saturday at 10pm

This weeks playlist

Front Line Assembly – Mesmerized
Then Comes Silence – Good Friday
Filter with The Crystal Method – (Can’t You) Trip Like I Do
The Smiths – Panic
Krebs – Corvus
The Last Dance – Cages
Paul Barker ft Nivek Ogre – reSpite
Joy Division – Warsaw
Powerman5000 – Sid Vicious In A Dress
The Comsat Angels – Gone
Android Lust – Kingdom Of One
Skeletal Family – Black Juju
Pigface – Insect/Suspect
En Minor – On The Floor
Rob Zombie – Sick Bubblegum
Death Party UK – Voodoo Eyes
Decent News – Krokodil
Kommunity FK – Protektion
Betty X with Martin Atkins and Steven Seibold – Shoot Em Up
Seraphim Shock – Little Gothic
Perry Farrell – Nasty Little Perv
Ausgang – Sink Into You
Static-X – Bled For Days
The Ghost Of Lemora – Happy End Of The World
Haujobb – Little Miss Danger
Martyr Whore – Roseydovelt Ballet
Noise Unit – Corroded Decay
Alice In Videoland – She’s A Machine