30 July 2020

Guilty Pleasures with DJ MItz 29/07/20

Open your ears and let your brain dissolve with a selection of Guilty Pleasures with DJ Mitz. From childhood favourites to classic tracks that have cleared dance floors….


The Darkness – Get Your Hands Off My Woman
Iggy Pop – Real Wild Child
Bruce Dickinson – American’s Are Behind
Meat Loaf and Cher – Dead Ringer
Lindsey Buckingham – Holiday Road
Fleetwood Mac – Big Love
Eric Clapton – Behind The Mask
Toto – Rosanna
Michael Jackson – Beat It
Presidents of the United States of America – Peaches
Iron Maiden – Hocus Pocus
Anthrax – Starting Up A Posse
The Toy Dolls – Nellie The Elephant

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