30 June 2019

Gojira & Rolo Tomassi

On the hottest day of Summer so far, thousands of metalheads travelled far and wide and crammed themselves into Birmingham’s O2 Academy for what may have possibly been one of the most anticipated gigs of the year.

Gojira; the French metal titans have come to the UK for just three days.

After their incredible headline performance at Bloodstock in 2018, UK fans were left begging for more as there is simply nothing like a Gojira live-show. Combined with the hype and tales of their 2019 Hellfest set we needed our fix but the question is, did they deliver last night in the home of metal?

Well they opened with Oroborus, into Backbone, into Stranded, into the fan favourite Flying Whales… So what do you think?

They were joined by Rolo Tomassi who had been bumped up due to Black Peaks unfortunately having to pull out at the last minute. They put on an incredible performance to the Brummie crowd and they are definitely a group you should keep an eye on.