16 March 2020

Fusion 3 Preview: The Lost Art with Progmeister UK 15th March 2020

As the weekend has now been called off due to circumstances beyond our control, it almost seems a bit academic running a Fusion 3 Preview show, but hey – enjoy the music anyhow !!!   Peace, Steve G

Rantama – Dying Star

Mellotronanism – Stagestruck

The Wood Demons – All Heaven’s Breaking Loose

Lazuli – Dieter Bohm

The Emerald Dawn – The Child Within

Steven Wilson – Permanating

Steven Wilson – Personal Shopper

The Blackheart Orchestra – Left To Right

Kyros – New Paradigm

Maschine – Cubixstro

Inner Prospekt – The Land Of The Fools

Sky Architect – Wasteland

Lifesigns – N

Franck Carducci – Asylum

The Paradox Twin – Earthbound

Magenta – The Lizard King