30 July 2022
Follow the Tribe with DJ Canatan

Follow the Tribe with DJ Canatan July 29, 2022 Final Episode

Is this a farewell? Maybe. Maybe not.

In any case, this is the last episode of Follow the Tribe with DJ Canatan, as I am taking a break to deal with some other stuff. Until wintertime, you will have to do with the podcasts, my metal brethren.



This final episode featured some classics and tunes I loved as I discovered them:

Lor – Upon a Withered Heart

Caligula’s Horse – Songs for No One

VOLA – 24 Light-Years

Dead Memory – Dance in Flames

Nuclear Power Trio – Mutually Assured Seduction

Animals as Leaders – Ka$cade

Aisles – Megalomania

Blind Guardian – And the Story Ends

Be’lakor – The Smoke of Many Fires

Harakiri for the Sky – Once Upon a Winter

Behemoth – Bartzabel

Cynic – How Could I

Symphony X – The Odyssey

Frank Sinatra – It Was a Very Good Year


See you when I see you. Stay safe, stay sane, stay alive.