27 July 2021

Follow the Tribe with DJ Canatan 23.07.2021

Did you miss the Follow the Tribe Evergrey Special with DJ Canatan? Sad, but relax, we got you. You can listen to the show podcast here and join DJ Canatan as he goes through Evergrey’s glorious history from 1998 to 2021.



Evergrey – The Great Deceiver
Evergrey – Weightless
Evergrey – Eternal Nocturnal
Mind’s Eye – Ashes to Ashes (in land lullaby)
Evergrey – Dark Discovery
Evergrey – Nosferatu
Evergrey – Dark Waters
Evergrey – These Scars
Evergrey – Unspeakable
Evergrey – Wrong
Redemption – The Echo Chamber
Evergrey – Harmless Wishes
Evergrey – For Every Tear That Falls
Evergrey – A New Dawn
Evergrey – Passing Through
Silent Skies – Us
Evergrey – Forever Outsider
Evergrey – Recreation Day
Evergrey – The Masterplan
Evergrey – A Touch of Blessing

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