18 June 2022
Follow the Tribe with DJ Canatan

Follow the Tribe with DJ Canatan 17.06.2022 show

I am back! A BIG thank you to Ben Jekyll for handling things while I was away. Follow the Tribe with DJ Canatan 80th episode is here.

If you missed today’s show, shame on you. Here is the podcast, in any case.



Featuring epic artists as usual:

Symphony X – Kiss of Fire
Threshold – Watchtower on the Moon
Caligula’s Horse – Slow Violence
A-Z – The Machine Gunner
Vision Divine – New Eden
Voyager – Brightstar
Tesla – The Mission
Last Flight to Pluto – Stay Out of My Head
Vinnie Moore – Soul Rider
Tremonti – Leave It Alone
Shadow Gallery – Pain
Butcher – Iron Bitch
Trivium – The Phalanx
Death – Crystal Mountain
Fleshgod Apocalpyse – Monnalisa
Mesker – Part of Invention
Need – Norchestrion
Glenn Hughes & Joe Lynn Turner Project – Lost Dreams
Van der Graaf Generator – The Sleepwalkers

Remember, Follow the Tribe with DJ Canatan airs every Friday at 7 pm ET and midnight Friday to Saturday UK time (GMT) on mmhradio.co.uk with great tunes and interesting topics.