15 January 2022
Follow the Tribe with DJ Canatan

Follow the Tribe with DJ Canatan 14.01.2022

Progressive metal and rock extravaganza. No genre shaming; if it is proggy, it is here. Follow the Tribe with DJ Canatan January 14th show is over. Sad, but relax, I got you. The podcast still offers you an excuse to raid the fridge and wash yourself in pilsner (or whatever).



Featuring epic artists as usual:

Bruce Dickinson – King in Crimson
Supreme Unbeing – Animals
Rage – Empty Hollow
Battle Beast – Where Angels Fear to Fly
Dymytry – Somebody’s Watching Me
Blind Guardian – Deliver Us From Evil
Obsidian Tide – Seven
Opeth – Heart in Hand
Sylvan – Encoded at Heart
Skyfire – Liberation in Death
Skeletal Remains – Torture Labyrinth
Ministry – Disinformation
Vein.fm – The Killing Womb
Annisokay – Good Stories
Subsignal – The Sea
Synaesthesia – Epiphany
Out of This World – The Warrior
Riverside – Volte-Face
Skid Row – Quicksand Jesus

Remember, Follow the Tribe with DJ Canatan airs every Friday at 7 pm ET and midnight Friday to Saturday UK time (GMT) on mmhradio.co.uk with great tunes and interesting topics.