12 February 2022

Follow the Tribe with DJ Canatan 11.02.2022 Amorphis Special

Another special Follow the Tribe episode is here. We are celebrating Amorphis’s career and their new album, Halo. Follow the Tribe with DJ Canatan Feb 11th special Amorphis show is over. Sad, but relax, I got you.



Amorphis – The Bee
Amorphis – Bad Blood
Amorphis – Sampo
Amorphis – On the Dark Waters
Amorphis – Wrong Direction
Amorphis – Greed
Amorphis – Black Winter Day
Amorphis – Seven Roads Come Together
Amorphis – The Smoke
Amorphis – Alone
Amorphis – The Sign from the North Side
Amorphis – The Orphan
Amorphis – God of Deception
Amorphis – Two Moons
Amorphis – The Moon
Amorphis – Towards and Against
Amorphis – The Way
Amorphis – My Kantele
Amorphis – The Castaway
Amorphis – Death of a King
Amorphis – Divinity

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