09 January 2021
Follow the Tribe with DJ Canatan

Follow the Tribe with DJ Canatan 08.01.2021

Follow the Tribe with DJ Canatan is done for the week. You can listen to Friday the 8th show via the podcast.

This week’s topic: Technology Was Supposed to Help Me (and the music industry)

Artists and songs featured:
Savage Circus – Evil Eyes
Mercenary – Embrace the Nothing
A.C.T – Torn by a Phrase
AC/DC – The Furor
Avenged Sevenfold -Shepherd of Fire
Persefone – Returning to the Source
Cynthesis – The Grand Façade
Lamb of God – Laid to Rest
Powerwolf – Sanctified with Dynamite (Rerecorded)
3 Inches of Blood – Deadly Sinners
Old Man’s Child – Black Seeds On Virgin Soil
WatchTower – Technology Inaction
Avantasia – Dying for an Angel
Chaos Divine – Beacon
Transatlantic – Spinning
Alice in Chains – Rooster
Angel Witch – Free Man
David Bowie – Bring Me the Disco King

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