28 May 2022

Follow The Dead Vol 2

DJ Canatan is on holiday, and somehow Ben Jekyll has managed to get his mits on the controls for the next 3 weeks!

This week we took a wander through the extensive vaults of Earache Records and played tunes from

Cathedral – hopkins (witchfinder general)
Janus Stark – every little thing counts
Dub War – spiritual warfare
Pulkas – control
Meathook Seed – elemental
Misery Loves Co. – sonic attack
Pitchshifter – triad
Fudge Tunnel – tweezers
Godflesh – crush my soul
December – waiting for rain
Entombed – but life goes on
Carnage – torn apart
Carcass – corporal jigsore quandary
At The Gates – blinded by fear
The Haunted – dark intentions/bury your dead
Corporation 187 – paralyzed
Decapitated – blessed
Napalm Death – greed killing
Morbid Angel – prayer of hatred
Deicide – desecration
Hate Eternal – king of all kings

Join Ben Jekyll again next week for a jaunt around the closest he can get to an actual prog show.

From midnight on Friday UK time.

You can also catch Ben Jekyll doing his thang hosting Dancing With The Dead on a Saturday night from 8-10pm UK time.

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