16 July 2015

Dresden Releases “Glow” Music Video, Self-Titled EP to be Released July 31st on Famined Records

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After nearly eighteen months of waiting, Georgia rockers Dresden recently announced the details on their long awaited third release on Famined Records. They have now released their music video for the lead single, entitled “Glow,” off their self-titled effort that will feature four tracks and be released July 31st. The music video can be seen on below with the track having been previously feature on the band’s Winter EP that was released in December 2013. The other track off that EP and two brand new tracks will be on the band’s proper follow up to their December 2012 full length entitled I Hope You Hear Me that blends together emo revival, pop punk, and indie rock into a sound that quickly gained a dedicated fanbase from listeners.

DRESDEN (July 31st)

1. Glow
2. Evening
3. Mourning
4. Rash