21 June 2018

Download Festival 2018

There was a LOT of great bands playing at this years Download Festival, at our very local Donington park! Our Tuesday evening DJ Lexi Frances of The Rule Breakers Show attended to speak to a variety of bands including blessthefall, Anchor Lane, Bad Cop / Bad Cop, Less Than Jake, L7, Knocked Loose, Cellar Darling, CKY, Boston Manor, The Temperance Movement, Inglorious, Kaiser Franz Josef, Ded, Lawnmower Deth and Death Blooms!! Check out our reviews across the weekend too!



Beau & Eric of blessthefall got chatting with Lexi about all things tour based, new releases and whats next …

– Facebook: facebook.com/blessthefall
– Twitter: @blessthefall
– Instagram: blessthefall
– Website: blessthefallmusic.com



Scottish quartet Anchor Lane talking all things about their latest EP ‘New Beginnings’ and what we can expect next from these dapper lads…. #WatchThisSpace !

– Facebook: facebook.com/anchorlaneofficial/
– Twitter: @AnchorLane
– Instagram: anchorlaneofficial
– Website: anchorlanemusic.com



A brilliant talk with pop-punk rock chicks Bad Cop / Bad Cop about the real term ‘feminist’, future tour plans and analysing some of their iconic, pure punk-chick tunes!

– Facebook: facebook.com/pg/badcopbadcopband
– Twitter: @bcbcmusic
– Instagram: badcopbadcop
– Website: badcopbadcopband.com



Mike of Boston Manor gave exclusive information about their upcoming release towards the end of this year plus tour talk!

– Facebook: facebook.com/bostonmanoruk/
– Twitter: @BSTNMNR
– Instagram: bstnmnr
– Website: bostonmanor.merchnow.com

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Anna and Ivo of Cellar Darling spoke slightly more in-depth about their story-telling, lyrical techniques and about their Download experience.

– Facebook: facebook.com/cellardarlingofficial/
– Twitter: @cellar_darling
– Instagram: cellardarlingofficial
– Website: www.cellardarling.com



Talking to Matt, Chad and Jesse of CKY about what its like to record at Rancho De La Luna Studio and whats up next for these guys!

– Facebook: facebook.com/ckyalliance/
– Twitter: @ckymusic
– Instagram: ckymusic



These charming chaps of Death Blooms spoke about their Download experience, whats next and their strong support of the mental health charity MIND, plus some advice on looking after yourself.

– Facebook: facebook.com/dthblms/
– Twitter: @dthblms
– Instagram: dthblms



Lexi spoke to Nathan of classic rock gods group Inglorious about what it was like opening the main stage on the last day of Download, Influences to the sound of Inglorious and why vinyl is so, sexy.

– Facebook: facebook.com/weareinglorious/
– Twitter: @WeAreInglorious
– Instagram: weareinglorious
– Website: inglorious.com



For their first time in the UK Kaiser Franz Josef received incredible response from the crowd. Lexi caught up on how nice the Donington audience responded to their pure rock sound and whats next….

– Facebook: facebook.com/dedofficial/
– Instagram: kfjmusic
– Website: www.kfj-music.at



Knocked Loose are for sure a band to look out for. Lexi got them chatting about the artwork for ‘Laugh Tracks’ and when we can expect more music from these guys!

– Facebook: facebook.com/KnockedLoose/
– Twitter: @knockedloose
– Instagram: knockedloosehc
– Website: knockedloose.merchnow.com

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Lexi for sure fan-girded over this iconic 90s grunge band L7, who expressed their thoughts about their latest documentary release ‘Pretend That We’re Dead’ and where you can spot them next on their European adventure….

– Facebook: facebook.com/L7theband
– Twitter: @L7officialhq
– Instagram: l7theband
– Website: l7theband.com

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JR of classic pop-punk band ‘Less Than Jake’ got talking about their upcoming joint headlining tour with Reel Big Fish, their never-ending tour plus a cheeky interruption from Andy of Black Veil Brides during the interview!

– Facebook: facebook.com/lessthanjake
– Twitter: @LessThanJake
– Instagram: lessthanjake
– Website: lessthanjake.com

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Phil Campbell and Paul Sayer of modern rock group The Temperance Movement talked about their third album ‘A Deeper Cut’, how the Download experience was and where you can spot them next!

– Facebook: facebook.com/TheTemperanceMovement/
– Twitter: @TTM_Tweets
– Instagram: thetemperancemovement
– Website: thetemperancemovement.com



Ariona based four piece ‘Ded’ spoke about their upcoming gig with Death Blooms & what its like to play Download! Plus, what these guys have in common with blessthefall….

– Facebook: facebook.com/dedofficial/
– Twitter: @weareded
– Instagram: dedofficial
– Website: www.dedband.com



Just some ordinary guys chatting about what it was like releasing a Christmas single with Kim Wilde, how the crowd responded to a human eating lawnmower on the stage and hopes of making it to the main stage in future years…who knows!

– Facebook: facebook.com/lawnmowerdethofficial/
– Twitter: @lawnmowerdeth
– Instagram: lawnmowerdeth_pete
– Website: lawnmowerdeth.co.uk

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Download Festival 2018




Download Festival 2018