13 June 2022

Darkside with Andy Shaw 9.6.22

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Darkside with Andy Shaw 9.6.22


Misanthropic rage –  The Birth of Insanity

iku-turso –  At The Crack Of Dawn

Ramera – Inquisición

Serpent Noir – Daemon Behind The Bars

Soulfly – Superstition 

Texas Murder Crew- Mutual Combat

Ungod – Sinister Forms of Fallen

Varathron – The Mystic Papyrous

SAVAGE NECROMANCY–Storming The Gates Of Heaven

shed the skin –  Hounds of Orrea

Between The Killings- Contrivance

NIGHTBEARER-The Dragon Reborn

Mortuus Infadaemoni –  Omne Vitae In Tenebras Mergit

Rite of initiating blessing – River of Creation

CONTINUUM OF XUL–Blasphemous Redemption (Praise the Flame)

156 SILENCE – A Past Embrace 

Lunar Chalise –  The Astral Stargate

Malum Mortuus – Ashes of the Traitor’s Cross

Vaamatar –  Plundering Claws

PREDATORY LIGHT–Death and the Twilight Hours