12 June 2020

Darkside – 2 Hours of the darker side of metal

2 hours every week of the best in Black/Death/Doom Metal

Playlist 11-6-20

Lorna shore – immortal

Black Altar – Ancient Warlust 

Twitch Of The Death Nerve– The Locard Principle

Violent Hammer – Riders of the wasteland


Thy art is murder – reign of darkness

SHADOW OF INTENT – Barren and Breathless Macrocosm

Entombed – chaos breed

monasteries – The amygdala chorus – 

SERCATI – Time Of Loss 

Shed the skin – the moors, the madness

HEINOUS – Shrunken Head

Carnifex – Cursed 

Infant Annihilator – Blasphemian

Katalepsy – Those Who Rot The Souls

Wolves Den-Nameless_Grave

Fit For An Autopsy – Black Mammoth 

Impalement – Within The Court Of Rats

OLD CORPSE ROAD -On Ghastly Shores Lays The Wreckage Of Our Lore

LANTERN– Cauldron of Souls

Devastator-Baptised in Blasphemy

Deviloof – ruin

Earth Rot – Ancenstral Vengeance