10 September 2021

Dancing With The Onslaught Remix Show

No sign of Adam Onslaught this week.

Instead Ben Jekyll brings his wicky wicky wah things with him and gets his remix on.

2 hours of rock, punk, metal (yep even metal), industrial and EBM all get reworked, redefined and remixed featuring music from

Aesthetic Perfection – sex Moris Black Remix
JG and the Robots – robots in berlin feat Jean-Luc De Meyer Sebatian Komor Remix
Helix – anymore BigTimeKill Remix
Empirion – asdr Cubanate Remix
Front Line Assembly – eye on you Orphx Remix
VNV Nation – tomorrow never comes Reaper Remix
Blutengel – praise the lord [x]-RX Remix
The Prodigy – voodoo people Pendulum Mix
Gost – reign in hell Dance With The Dead Remix
LazerPunk – black lambo Aesthetic Prefection Remix
Mega Drive – i am the program Perturbator Remix
Ghost – dance macabre Carpenter Brut Remix
Lionface – no hope state Lionface VS Gunship mix
Celldweller – last night on earth FreqGen Remix
Bullet Height – hold together DJ Hyper Remix
The Birthday Massacre – Control Tweaker Remix
Crossfaith – eclipse The One Hundred Remix
Clawfinger – biggest & the best Pitchshifter Demix feat MC Stinky
White Zombie – el phantasmo and the chicken run blast o rama (wine, women and song mix)
Apollyon Sun – reefer boy John Fryer Remix
Fear Factory – national panel beating
Depeche Mode – enjoy the silence reinterpreted
The Apocalypse DJ – wake up (gaming remix)
Good Knives – doubt Dance With The Dead Remix/cover
Pendulum – crush Devin Townsend Remix
Jedi Mind Tricks – heavy metal kings with Ill Bill Terror Remix

Catch a different DJ next Friday sitting in the Global chair from 8-10pm UK time and catch Ben Jekyll Dancing With The Dead on a Saturday night from 8-10pm UK time.

Any feedback good or bad, praise, hate, suggestions or submissions send it to benjekyll@mmhradio.co.uk