16 July 2022

Dancing With The Dead with Kathleen Turner Overdrive

Join Ben Jekyll for the latest edition of Dancing With The Dead.

2 hours of new music, but this week with added Kathleen Turner Overdrive from Toowoomba from Queensland Australia, talking about their new EP, some future plans and Aussie punk bands involving periods.

We also managed to feature two singles from the EP, Unseen and Mary Winchester Blue

Besides all that goodness there was also music from

The Little Rock – no humanity
Litter – hate will own you
Beddy Rays – sobercoaster
The Dangerous Summer – all i ever wanted was a chance to know myself
Coheed & Cambria – comatose
Eli Hurts – member of the world
My Kid Brother – split salt
Kathleen Turner Overdrive interview, plus singles
Flangipanis – my period is late
Fight The Fade – stratosphere
Kill Strings – navigation
MaHA Rocks – corner
Icon For Hire – dismantled
The Plague – living failure
Spiritbox – hysteria
Aniimalia – alien
Cantervice – doomsday
Erra – pull from the ghost
Carnifex – lie to my face feat Adam Warren
Revocation – diabolical majesty

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