24 October 2020

Dancing With The Dead with Ben Jekyll, Seven Days Doesn`t Die and Danko Jones

Check it out, bona fide special edition of Dancing With The Dead.

For 2 very good reasons, we take a look at the career of Canadian 3 piece Danko Jones and we also see Ben Jekyll joined for a chat with the drummer of noisy newcomers Seven Days And Doesn`t Die, hear how a band survives the pandemic and a wonderful pizza comparison.

Full setlist below

The Wildhearts – anthem
Grand Theft Audio – we luv u
3 Colours Red – paralyse (Junkie XL Mix)
Therapy? – teethgrinder
The Almighty – dead happy
Danko Jones – bounce
Danko Jones – lovercall
Danko Jones – dance
Danko Jones – baby hates me
Danko Jones – still in high school
Danko Jones – full of regret
Danko Jones – legs
Danko Jones – wild woman
Danko Jones – my little rock n roll
Danko Jones – dance dance dance
Black Spiders – stay down
Killit – take the power
Seven Days And Doesn`t Die Interview Pt1
Seven Days And Doesn`t Die – live fast die last
Seven Days And Doesn`t Die Interview Pt 2
Seven Days And Doesn`t Die – the restitute
King Adora – suffocate
Rachel Stamp – i got the worm
The Texas Flood – let the wind blow
Backyard Babies – lets go to hell
Flogging Molly – if i ever leave this world alive

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