27 June 2020

Dancing With The Dead with Ben Jekyll June 27 Podcast

Join Ben Jekyll for another fresh slice of new music, featuring 

Djerv – throne
Bend For Eleven – yeahyeahyes
Ekko Park – all eyes on me
Ocean Hills – death or liberty
Killit – born too late
Versus Me – violence
Figures – underpaid machinery
Novelists FR – after the rain
Rise of The Northstar – sayonara

This week we take a lot of gambles and test drive blind some new tunes from

Misery Signals – river king
Sheer Cold – cryogenic revival
Alpha Wolf – akudama
Fall From Ruin – symathy
Killers & Kings – feelin` alright
Turbo – make bail
The Winter Passing – melt
Snow Coats – pool girl
Seether – dangerous
Highfront – vicious
Tense Machine – best mistake
Terrorbyte – hologram
Faderhead feat Solar Fake – i did not know

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