23 October 2021

Dancing With The Dead with Beast In Black

Join Ben Jekyll for something a little different this week.

As he isn`t alone, he is joined by Anton Kabanen of Beast In Black to talk about their latest album Dark Connection.

We also have a fantastic soundtrack of metal with  music from

NightWish – noise
Amaranthe – strong feat Noora Louhimo
Powerwolf – fist by fist feat Matt Heafy
Northtale – only human
Helloween – midnight sun
Beast In Black – moonlight rendevous
Beast In Black – one night in Tokyo
Hammerfall – blood bound
Battle Beast – no more hollywood endings
Volturian – fading like a flower
Amberian Dawn – lay all your love on me
Dream Evil – fire! battle! in metal!
Stratovarious – hunting high and low
Fury – warrior`s prayer
Within Temptation – faster
Blood Stain Child – stargazer

Join Ben next week from 8-10pm UK where things will be kinda back to normal for a slightly more Halloween flavoured show via mmhradio.co.uk

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