26 February 2022

Dancing With The Dead Weezer Special

Join Ben Jekyll for the fifth show in a run of specifically themed shows.

This show is all about one of my favourite bands, like, ever Weezer as we take a look at their career with a track from each of their studio albums.

And a few tracks from some other bands and the setlist runs a little like this

Voyager – dreamer
Ocean Grove – silver lining
Redhook – low budget horror
Banks Arcade – smile
Loathe – is it really you (Teenage Wrist collab)
Weezer – the world has turned and left me here
Weezer – el scorcho
Weezer – hash pipe
Weezer – keep fishin
Weezer – beverly hills
Weezer – pork and beans
Weezer – (if you`re wondering if i want you to) i want you to
Weezer – ruling me
Weezer – odd couple
Weezer – back to the shack
Weezer – california kids
Weezer – feels like summer
Weezer – sweet dreams (are made of this)
Weezer – high as a kite
Weezer – la brea tar pits
Weezer – she needs me
Double Experience – ai freaks me out
Fearless Vampire Killers – braindead
Kerbdog – mexican wave
Wilt – open arms

Dancing With The Dead will be back next week, 8-10pm UK time on Saturday night via mmhradio.co.uk and it`s going to be business as usual once again with two hours of new music from start to finish.
Please direct any love/hate/praise/distain/requests/submissions to benjekyll@mmhradio.co.uk