25 December 2021

Dancing With The Dead Vol 43 Electro Synth Industrial 21

Join Ben Jekyll for the final part of the series of retrospective shows looking at some of the best bits of 2021.

This week we are celebrating the electronic, synth and industrial bands that have owned/smashed/rocked/won this year.

It has been another brilliant year for music and we can`t fit everyone into 2 hours, but we did find time for

Scandroid – hark the herald angels sing
Aesthetic Perfection – lonesome ghosts
+++ – the beginning of the end
The Forgotten – interstellar
Them Guns – shot in the dark
Blitz Union – plastic
Ludovico Technique – becoming numb
The Anix – pretend feat Intrelock
Cassetter – flashback feat Maxthor
Ultra High Freqs – bullet in my heart
Smash Into Pieces – real one
MaHa Rocks – too often i was offered to die
Alex & Lazerpunk – death dance feat Kxyli
North Atlas – house of mirrors
Heavy Halo – black seed
Masked – still living feat Pigeonchild
Hocico – broken empires
Turmion Katilot – hengita
Noisecide – toxicology
Nitroverts – what`s going on?
LeBrock – takes all night Dance With The Dead Remix
Foxhunt – skullduggery
Soul Extract – samsara Emphemeral Machine Remix
Thornhill – human Toronto Is Broken Remix
Lil Sis Nora – rave in my garage

Dancing With The Dead will be back next week, 8-10pm UK time on Saturday night via mmhradio.co.uk for the first show of 2022

We will be kicking off the year as always with the NU Metal NU Years special.

So come and rock out like its 1999 again, next week

Please direct any love/hate/praise/distain/requests/submissions to benjekyll@mmhradio.co.uk