22 January 2022

Dancing With The Dead Vol 2.3

When was the last time you listened to some bona fide new music?
Last week? Last month?
However long it`s been you can fix that right now and get a fresh load of new singles in your ears with Ben Jekyll
This week has new tunes from

Superlove – maybe i could tell you
Early Eyes – dying plant
Fontaines DC – jackie down the line
Mint Green – body language
Cousin Betty – taxes and death
HoneyCub – nothing changes
A Will Away – i`ve got a five
Blood Command – nuns, guns and cowboys
At The Movies – heaven is a place on earth
Ben Hemming – living on death row
Cyan Kicks – hurricane
Kubrick – devastate
Stone Broken – revelation
Rolo Tomassi – closer
Dayshell – blindside
Silverlane – medusa
The Last Element – wreckage
Dymytry – revolt
Aphyxion – memory trace
8 Kalacas – frontera
Oceans – skin
Misfire – fractured
Insolvency – torn away inside
Pridelands – antipathy
Fir For An Autopsy – a higher level of hate

Dancing With The Dead will be back next week, but in a slight change to plan it`s going to be the first of the twice yearly visits to the world of electronic music as the winter Beat Invasion shall be upon us.
8-10pm UK time on Saturday night via mmhradio.co.uk
Please direct any love/hate/praise/distain/requests/submissions to benjekyll@mmhradio.co.uk