26 April 2021

Dancing With The Dead Vol 13

How the hell has it already hit the point in the year where we are saying goodbye to April?!?!

Join Ben Jekyll for the final April show with new music from

Blitz Union – not proud
Saints Among Us – hallucinations
Vukovi – kill it
Magg Dylan – pawns
The Apocalypse DJ – godsent (gaming remix)
Moon Coven – ceremony
Boss Keloid – gentle clovis
Blud Red Roses – falling
The Ramshackle Army – rise and fall
The Offspring – this is not utopia
Phoxjaw – an owl is a cat with wings
Aurora Project – pack of lies
VantaBlack – lost in hysteria
Severed Illusions – far too long
Venues – shifting colours
Talladdin – friend like me
My Latest Failure – voices
Wars Apart – hate as an anthem
Defocus – thought of a vision
Our Hollow Our Home – seven years
Ghost Iris – cult
Stoneside – history of violence
Reality Grey – powerblast
Devildriver – i could care less

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