11 April 2021

Dancing With The Dead Vol 12

Join ben Jekyll for another 2 hour dash through the latest releases.

Underground, overground, signed, unsigned, self signed, it`s all good.

This week featuring new music from

Halflives – vibe
Deadlight Holiday – blood and body
Smash Into Pieces – my wildest dream
Thadeus Gonzales – the death of a good hustle
KingQueen – live it up
Magg Dylan – pawns
Red Fang – arrows
Green Leaf – march on higher grounds
Talladdin – friend like me
Tallah – the silo
Tetrarch – negative noise
Human Failure – barbed wire state
Stepson – come with me
Severed Illusions – far too long
Total Recall – poison flow
This Dying Hour – cornered
Our Hollow Our Home – overcast
Hot Breath – magnetic
Hey Baby! – walking home
Coe Hill – deadweight
Divided Truth – damaged
Ultraspank – 5
VAST – here
Professional Muder Music – slow
Sona Fariq – drop the bomb

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