09 January 2021

Dancing With The Dead Vol 1

Join Ben Jekyll for his first proper show of the year.

This weeks show is full to the rafters with new tunes from

Ocean Grove – sunny (remix)
Smash Into Pieces – come along (acoustic)
Crosses – the beginning of the end
Pale Waves – changes
Superlove – not me! not you!
Cousin Betty – tape hiss
Stephanie Lea – pit of hell
Reality Suite – triggers
Nocion – no veil
Sylosis – worship + decay
Phantom High – black divine
Stormstress – you can`t hurt me now
Dremora – disillusioned
Aesthetic Perfection – SEX
Nightlives – trivialise 2020 mix
The Metal Byrds – impossible (remix)
Siamese – can`t force the love
Coastal Fire Dept. – coco
Matt Long and the Revenant Ones – have my say
The Cruel Knives – the life that we made
The Pretty Reckless – and so it went
Tortured Demon – a knee to the face of curruption
Slave Steel – shut

And we also find time to pay tribute to the fallen legend Alexi Laiho with 
Children of Bodom – hatebreeder
Children of Bodom – needled 24/7

Catch the show in its regular spot of 8-10pm UK time every Saturday night on mmhradio.co.uk

Love some of the songs? Hate some of the songs? Got some ideas for better choices?

Drop a mail with any suggestions or submissions to benjekyll@mmhradio.co.uk