23 May 2020

Dancing With The Dead Top 10 Most Influential Albums

Bit of a change this week.

The first hour is stacked with as much new music as it can take, and the second hour contains a track from the 10 most influential albums on my musical journey.

Stratton 5 – glory bound
Tides – silver lining
Dance With The Dead – breed
Chasing Ghosts – bring me suffering
Mudspitters – carry you (through the trip)
Dark Sarah – all ears
The Pretty Reckless – death by rock and roll
Islander – it`s the end of the world as we know it (and i feel fine)
Carpenter Brut – maniac
Naga Siren – heal
Fram Ashes to New – panic
Razor Sharp Death Blizzard – suicide
1. Feeder – polythene – descend
2. Terrorvision – regular urban survivors – celebrity hitlist
3. Weezer – blue album – the world has turned and left me here
4. Strapping Young Lad – city – all hail the new flesh
5. Misery Loves Co – not like them – a million lies
6. Rico – sanctuary medicines – sanctuary medicines
7. Senser – stacked up – switch
8. Kosheen – resist – (slip & slide) suicide
9. Leftfield – leftism – open up
10. Gunship – gunship – shadow fury

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