25 June 2022

Dancing With The Dead Summer Beat Invasion 22

Join Ben Jekyll for his second step into the electronic world of 2022.
The last weekend in June has been reserved for the summer Beat Invasion for many moons, and this year was no different as we throw synthwave artists from across the board together into a mix full to the brim with new, classic, signed and unsigned acts.

The Midnight – heartbeat
Jessie Frye – ice cold
Royksopp & Alison Goldfrapp – impossible
Scanline Runner – neon skyline
Androids Do Dream – the highway
Gunship – when you grow up your heart dies
Dance With The Dead – andromeda
LeBrock – dangerous dreams
Carpenter Brut – lipstick masquerade
AUW – europa dusk
Timecop1983 – dimensions
VHS Dreams – nightride
Aesthetic Perfection – no boys allowed (Empirion Club Mix)
Hurtwave – bleach 113.30
Heart of Gold – backseat daydream
Moonrunner83 – in my head feat King Protea
Cannons – hurricane
Scandroid – shout
Glenn Main – flying to my secret place
Power Glove – blood dragon theme
Red Skies Project – emergence
Perturbator – weapons for children
Rikur – neon city lights
The Prodigy – the narcotic suite:claustrophobic sting

You can catch Ben Jekyll again next week for the annual Indie show, this featuring an interview with Crispian Mills of Kula Shaker
8-10pm UK time via mmhradio.co.uk
Any suggestions/submissions/praise or complaints send them to benjekyll@mmhradio.co.uk