31 October 2020

Dancing With The Dead Scarefest Nuclear Blast Special Edition Podcast

Ben Jekyll contributes his part of the MMH Radio Scarefest in association with Nuclear Blast via a run through of some of their most recent releases and his own personal highlights of releases this year.

Including music from

Epica – abyss of time
Amaranthe – strong
Doro – brickwall
Accept – the undertaker
Kingdom Of Giants – blue dream
Pallbearer – the quicksand of existing
My Dying Bride – a secret kiss
Sepultura – means to an end
Heathen – sun in my hand
Alpha Wolf – restricted(R18+)
Cadaver – morgue ritual
Kataklysm – the killshot
Irist –  burning sage
Polaris – hypermania
Rise Of The Northstar – this is crossover
Crystal Lake – watch me burn
Curses – the door in the wall
Currents – second skin
Savage Hands – blue
Novelists FR – head rush
In Flames – freefall
Soilwork – one with the flies

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