24 March 2019

Dancing With The Dead Podcast Ozzfest Special

In a change of pace from the usual wall to wall stacked playlist with nothing but new tunes and a solitary classic to finish, this week Ben Jekyll throws out his contribution to the 50 Years and takes a look at the first UK Ozzfest from 1998 with some other bands that also dropped records that year.
Foo Fighters – i`ll stick around
Therapy? – stories
Slayer – bitter peace
Soulfly – bleed
Fear Factory – hi tech hate
Coal Chamber – sway
Life of Agony – weeds
Entombed – wreckage
Human Waste Project – powerstrip
(hed)pe – ground
Pitchshifter – virus
System of a Down – sugar
Rob Zombie – meet the creeper
Cold – go away
Godsmack – whatever
KoRn – got the life
One Minute Silence – a more violent approach
Sepultura – against
Kilgore – steamroller
Earthtone9 – leadfoot
Kill II This – crucified
Marilyn Manson – coma white